Waterfall is currently hosted in the European Union. Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights protects the right to free expression in accordance with the law, including the right to hold and express ideas and information.

Waterfall doesn't want any illegal content on its servers. Additionally, there's one or two significantly distasteful things we don't want as well, such as nazism and other racist ideologies that don't use racist terms. Guidelines of what is and isn't allowed is outlined below.

How Waterfall handles reports

There's no automated systems at play here. Whenever a post is reported, it'll be manually reviewed. If we think a post breaks the rules, we'll let the poster know. If it's something we think is minor, we'll keep the post up and ask them to change it a tad. Otherwise, it'll be deleted. In serious cases, or for repeat offenders, we won't ask. It'll be a straight ban.

The intention is to follow the spirit of these rules, not the letter. “But TECHNICALLY” defenses won't work.

Don't use Waterfall for...

When we talk about prohibited content and it being allowed on the server, we mean uploading, writing, or linking to it.

Obscene Content

Waterfall is subject to British law, and as such, may occasionally be required to remove content deemed as obscene under the Obscene Publications Act 1959, Obscene Publications Act 1964, and any of their amendments. Where statute is unclear, Waterfall errs on the side of caution.

We recognise that "obscene" is entirely subjective, as is "extreme", which the UK also legally prohibits. We also do not agree with, any personal moral convictions of the staff team notwithstanding, the overall idea of censoring artistic expression. With that in mind, Waterfall must still comply with the law.

After recieving specific legal advice, Waterfall has adopted the policy of allowing works featuring this content provided it is fully tagged, and is arguably not just basically porn. Specifically:

  • - All content intended to explore or deal with trauma is permitted provided that no underage sexual activity is present in the work. References to it, as long as it doesn't glorify or paint it as "normal" (by which we mean is an OK occurence) are fine. Don't worry - we won't ban you for vent art.
  • - In the case of a series where characters progress in age and become over 18, adult content featuring those characters is permitted, provided that all characters present are adults.
  • - An argument commonly put forward is "the age of consent in my country is [x]". That does not factor into this at all, and the age barrier remains 18.
  • - As a rough guideline, if you're not uploading loli/shota porn, we'll do our best to keep it up. Users are, however, encouraged to report stuff they're not sure about.

Waterfall will do its best to allow most forms of content, but if we need to remove something, we will.


No content promoting, encouraging, or inciting acts of terrorism is allowed on the service. This includes content supporting or celebrating terrorist groups, leaders, or their actions.

Hate Speech

Don't encourage or perpetuate violence, prejudice, or hatred. Don't post content dehumanising anyone based on race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, disability or illness.

Keep in mind a post can be rude, tasteless, or offensive without violating this rule. In these cases, we recommend unfollowing or blocking the user. If the post genuinely seems to toe the line, report it.

Nazism / National Socialist Ideologies

You could cover this under Hate Speech, but it's worth singling out. Just don't. This'll be an instant ban.

Harm to Minors

Any post involving a minor must not suggest, encourage, or depict minors in sexual situations or violent situations. In cases where posts like this are pointed out to us and we agree with the report, this will result in an instant ban and any applicable information being forwarded to relevant authorities.

In addition, don't bully minors. Especially if you are one. If you see it, report it.

Promotion or glorification of self-harm

Don't post content that promotes, glorifies, or normalises self-harm or suicidal ideation. This includes but is not limited to cutting, anorexia, bulimia, other eating disorders, or committing suicide rather than seeking professional counseling, treatment, or diagnosis.

Depression and anxiety are increasingly common, and we strongly encourage anyone with feelings that may lead down these roads to talk to family, friends, or professionals.

We want people to be able to talk about this stuff without encouraging it, and will remove only posts reported to us that cross the line into glorification.

Unmarked Sensitive Content

Any sensitive content must be marked.

We define sensitive as anything “not safe for work”, showing blood or gore, or anything particularly distasteful.

For the purposes of this site, we define not safe for work as nudity or sexual situations. We appreciate that there's a debate and movement to equalise the playing field around male and female nipples, and we support this wholeheartedly. However, this isn't the place - tag topless men and women as NSFW. People can get fired for looking at both, which is the factor that's important here.

If your blog primarily posts this kind of content, we ask that you flag your blog as explicit. This helps us keep NSFW content off people's dashboards when they don't want to see it. Tagging or flagging in this way confers no restrictions whatsoever other than being hidden on devices where NSFW is turned off.

Violent Content, Threats, and Mutilation

Don't post any threats of harm toward anyone else, be it in individual or group. This includes but not limited to threats of injury, death, theft, property damage, or financial harm. Don't post gore or violent content with the sole intention of shock value, jumpscares, or causing distress. Don't post content that encourages or incites violence, glorifies the act of violence or its perpetrators, or glorifies mass murder.


Non-Genuine Social Gesture Schemes, GoFundMes, Kickstarters, or Patreons that are misrepresented, fraudulent, or not genuine will be removed. Links to websites (in particular, porn sites and cam sites) that are misrepresented or include malware will be removed. Links to sites including excessive popups will be removed.


While our system attempts to credit artists automatically, if an artist is not present on the site, you must attribute and link the source. Do NOT add links to your own blog in reblogs. Accounts found doing this will be terminated.

Do Not Reblog (DNR) Bypassing

The site locks out reblogging of certain posts that are tagged as Do Not Reblog. Attempting to bypass this - through screenshots, bugs, or any other method - is not allowed.

URL Abuse and Squatting

If you have a blog, it's assumed you'll use it. If the blog is empty or unused for a period of time, or the posts on there are obviously trying to just reset the timer, it'll be freed up. Don't squat, hoard, buy, trade, or sell URLs.

Accounts left dormant for a significant length of time may have the URLs freed up.


Spamming people's asks or messages is bad, and we count it as harrassment. Don't use unnecessary or incorrect tags on posts. Don't put weird code in your posts such as JavaScript. Don't insert ads or affiliate links into posts. Blogs with the sole purpose of marketing, unless directly authorised by the site staff, will be deleted.

Copyright or Trademark Infringement

DMCA is not in effect in our jurisdiction, and we do not rely on automated systems. If you see your content, please contact us with the post in question and proof of ownership. It will then be manually reviewed.

Confusion or Impersonation

Don't do things that would cause confusion between yourself and a person/company, like registering a deliberately confusing URL. Don't impersonate anyone.


Don't engage in abuse or harassment directed at anyone. This includes sexual harassment or unwanted sexualisation. If anyone is sending unwanted messages, we encourage you to block them. If someone blocks you, don't try and circumvent it.

Privacy Violations

Don't use the site to violate people's privacy. Don't post anyone's personal information, even if you think you have permission. Any non-consensual pornography is an instant ban.

Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Waterfall is a site that allows adult content and services, but we will not allow Trafficking or exploitation to take place against our users or on our site. We recognize sex work as a legitimate form of business and look to protect our members. In turn, should we suspect that a member is under coercion or abuse we will be forced to investigate and possibly contact authorities.