Maintenance Mode

Times are UK time.

4:06am - Confirmed issues relating to disk usage.

4:09am - Server provider seems to be using a really dumb way of partitioning the disks, meaning the WF partition is full.

4:13am - Confirmed issues are due to the disk/partition being full. Thinking on a strategy to solve it...

4:22am - Biting the bullet and enabling maintenance mode. Sorry folks!

4:24am - Doing pre-fuck about backups. Also fixed Discord link on here.

4:27am - Database backups done, now backing up images/videos/art.

4:37am - Reports indicate a seperate issue with the mail server that doesn't seem to be related. Fixing in parallel.

5:05am - About 25k files left to back up.

6:09am - Backup finally done, starting work. (Note to self: Find a faster way to take backups)

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